Fear is a paralyzer. It’s full of smoke and mirrors designed to give you a “real” authentic experience of what could happen if you move in the direction your heart truly desires. Fear lies to you to keep you stagnant and to box you into a corner.

Fear knows your true capabilities more than you. Fear is scared of you, so much so it makes all attempts for you to abort your dreams and ignore your intuition. It goes above and beyond to shout louder than the still small voice leading you down your intended path. Fear attempts to not only take you off course but to confuse you so much that you turn in circles for years doubtless of which way to go.

You still know which way to go, you just have to silence fear by following your heart. Move even if you are trembling every step of the way.

Fear causes you to give advice and not apply it yourself. Fear uses procrastination to keep you stagnant. Fear tells you why something will not work. Fear knows your greatness and how intricately you were created but tells you of all your human frailties versus your flawless design. Even the flaws were designed flawlessly. Fear causes you to waste time on the what ifs. Fear gets you so consumed with everything that could go wrong that you become so scared you box yourself in.

Fear reminds you of all your perceived past failures to make you think you are perpetually a failure. Fear makes you think your common. Like your experience should be/will be like everyone else’s who tried what your thinking about or who just went against the grain.

Even when you do something for god you are not absent of fear. It’s even stronger because you are no longer doing things just for you but for countless people you may never meet, but who can benefit from your fearlessness.