CSC_0947I, like majority of the world desires to be happy – truly happy – like all the time. I came to a point in my life where I realized I was living only a fraction of happiness because I was constantly dealing with something externally that would rob me of my joy and peace. Granted I’ve had justifiable reasons not to be happy; being a child of divorce, growing up in poverty, emotionally abusive relationships, a broken engagement, feeling lost, hating jobs, crazy churches, yada yada ya.

One day I experienced a random thought…yes a lot of bad things have happened BUT why can’t I be happy majority of the time? In that moment I realized life (for better or worse) will happen and my level of happiness cannot ebb and flow with its ups and downs. I can take the lessons Life is trying to teach me through these experiences, however big or small and allow those truths to anchor me in Me. I owed myself the courtesy of maturing to a place where happiness is not contingent on what life throws at me and that is what I purposed to do.

I want to share the lessons that I’ve learned/ I’m learning that allow me to live life with more grace, clarity and happiness. It is my purpose to help you navigate your way through emotions that keep you from being happy and fulfilled in life, no matter what is thrown your way. Through all those experiences we can acquire little nuggets of wisdom that can change our outlook and help us on our pursuit of happiness.

Nope this isn’t a sad place. There may be some emotionally deep moments, but we’ll all walk away with a greater level of peace. Expect to read and see things that just make me downright happy.

Grateful you found me. You are so welcome here. Enjoy and stay as long as you like! Get full on inspiration for your relationships, lifestyle, and happiness served with a side of sweet southern hospitality.

Decidedly Happy,