Fear Vs. Your Heart’s True Desires

Fear is a paralyzer. It’s full of smoke and mirrors designed to give you a “real” authentic experience of what could happen if you move in the direction your heart truly desires. Fear lies to you to keep you stagnant and to box you into a corner.

Fear knows your true capabilities more than you. Fear is scared of you, so much so it makes all attempts for you to abort your dreams and ignore your intuition. It goes above and beyond to shout louder than the still small voice leading you down your intended path. Fear attempts to not only take you off course but to confuse you so much that you turn in circles for years doubtless of which way to go.

You still know which way to go, you just have to silence fear by following your heart. Move even if you are trembling every step of the way.

Fear causes you to give advice and not apply it yourself. Fear uses procrastination to keep you stagnant. Fear tells you why something will not work. Fear knows your greatness and how intricately you were created but tells you of all your human frailties versus your flawless design. Even the flaws were designed flawlessly. Fear causes you to waste time on the what ifs. Fear gets you so consumed with everything that could go wrong that you become so scared you box yourself in.

Fear reminds you of all your perceived past failures to make you think you are perpetually a failure. Fear makes you think your common. Like your experience should be/will be like everyone else’s who tried what your thinking about or who just went against the grain.

Even when you do something for god you are not absent of fear. It’s even stronger because you are no longer doing things just for you but for countless people you may never meet, but who can benefit from your fearlessness.

Expect Another Year Just Like Last Year, Unless You Change Directions

Once midnight hit and 2016 officially began nothing changed other than the date. Even the energy around you was the same. If you looked around there was nothing that you could identify that miraculously happened at 12am. Your waist didn’t suddenly shrink. Your bank account didn’t suddenly triple. Yet, the great thing, is absolutely everything has the potential to change. And it can change this year. One thing is consistent you are the determining factor as to how 2016 treats you.

Even if you only have a little inkling deep inside you to make a change, listen! And make a significant change today that supports and feeds that deep, down urge to do something different. You know you aren’t happy with everything in your life today, so do the courageous thing and use your energy to change the “old” energy. Out with 2015 and in with something new for 2016.

If you want anything to change you have to fight for it. You have to fight to get away from your old way of doing things. I say fight because you – your mindset, thoughts, perspective, and environment are all conducive to you remaining the exact same year after year.

The fight is really within you. Will you continue to just flow in the direction your life is going or will you change the course. Once you’ve determined, truly determined, in your heart that something is worth turning your world upside down to obtain- you will. Not a moment sooner. The power is in your hands or rather your decision. You are the catalyst. You are the deciding vote to what takes place over the next 300 something days of this year.

If you really want to change something in your life, you have to stop doing what we normally do. Have you ever noticed when anyone does something remarkable, like loose 100 pounds or pay off 50k in debt in one year, they drastically changed their habits. They cut and added things, they made themselves uncomfortable, they sacrificed just to reach their goal and they created very strict boundaries to live within. If you have a goal and it really matters to you, you will be willing to cut things out, live uncomfortable and sacrifice if needed. If this does not sound appealing to you, then quite honestly, that goal does not matter to you that much.

Entering a new year seems like you have such a long time to accomplish whatever goal you set forth. You can move at a snails pace because you have a long time to get that thing done, right? Nope, wrong. This year will fly by. Do you remember getting to last December and suddenly everyone started talking about how they couldn’t believe the year was almost over. There was a sadness or sameness for many, because they were leaving yet another year the exact same way with the exception of being one year older.

Respect Time my friend because it’s fleeting. If we honor time then we’ll get busy and stay focused. I mean we are already into the third week of 52 weeks. There is something that you should/could be accomplishing this year in your life. And I promise you if you don’t accomplish that thing, whatever “it” may be, it will not get easier next year because you’ll have something new to tackle. When we leave things unaccomplished and then decide to do it later, it’s more difficult and takes way more effort. Think about working a real full-time job and going to college. (Been there, done that and it was hard!) It’s so much harder doing things out of their season. Flow with the season you are in to prepare for the next season in your life. There is a scripture that says not to put off tomorrow what we can do today, because tomorrow is not promised.  The opportunity to do that thing (whatever it may be) is not promised to you tomorrow. Next year is not promised to any of us, so let’s make all the days of 2016 count for something other than simply existing.

Have you every put on a dress you use to love and suddenly it’s too tight. It use to hug you in the right places and now it simply suffocates you (hello holiday weight). This year I hope you have some areas that get “too tight” and you become uncomfortable enough to buy something new. I pray this year is a year of outgrowing the old and ordering something new, so that your joy is increased. New energy for a new year! Stay focused and motivated!

Mountain Climbing 101: How to Conquer Life’s Problems

I love love love to hike! Hiking easily takes me to my happy place, so much so that when I was 7.5 months pregnant I hiked almost 8 miles. Now mind you, my hips still hurt a bit even a year after having my baby, so don’t do what I did. LOL! But seriously, one of the reasons I love hiking is I get to push my mind past my perception of my body’s limits. Even still, hiking for me is less about physical endurance and more about the symbolism of “conquering” the mountain. It’s a very literal parallel for me. Each time I hike, I always have this image playing in my mind that climbing a mountain is like handling one of life’s difficult problems.

Sometimes life makes us feel like we are in a valley, looking up at an endless mountain humbling us in its presence. Mocking and intimidating us simultaneously. All while fiercely blocking where we are presently and where we desire to be. You know, it isn’t a tiny mountain you can just gingerly skip across on a whim. This is one of those mountains that requires provisions and focused attention because you’re going to be at it for a while and it’s going to take some fight to make it to the top. And let’s be honest those mountains can be overwhelming. Those mountains make us wonder is it really worth the time and the energy? And then there’s the conversation we won’t willingly admit out loud to most anyone. “Can I really do this? Am I strong enough? Will I quit? I mean I’ve easily quit hard things before. Do I even want to go through the hassle? Where I am, though uncomfortable isn’t really that bad. I mean I’m alive, right? So and so encountered a similar mountain but she’s this and that and I’m not any of those things.”

So here’s the deal, that internal conversation you are having with yourself will either keep you from ever attempting to climb the mountain or it will give you enough courage to start the climb. Your problem, like that mountain, will not just go away. It’s there and will continue to be there, waving it’s little annoying, nubby finger right in your face until you conquer it. It’s all up to you. You have to decide, put on your big girl panties and start moving.

I’m not asking you to close your eyes and just endure until your problem is over because chances are it will not resolve itself. I’m not asking you to take a passive position. No, climbing (forward movement) takes strength and endurance. One doesn’t just stand at the base of a mountain and simply hope to reach the top. No. One must put one foot in front of the other. Effort. And push past any physical discomfort until the desired result is achieved. So your mountain looks like a looming divorce. Deep debt. Being a single parent. A dead-end career. Depression. Bad health. Abuse. Infertility. Desiring to be married. Starting a new business. Fill in your own blank. It can all be conquered, if you only have faith to begin the climb.

No mountain is the same; no step on the mountain is the same. But a few things are always present when conquering a mountain.

  1. You will exert physical energy and you will have to push past all pain barriers – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. At times you might have to ignore your pain just to keep moving. Despite physical exertion you will use more mental strength and energy to keep moving.
  2. Rather or not you make it to the top is based on your mental capacity. Not only do you have to make sound decisions while being physically spent, but you also have to keep motivating yourself – maybe even out loud. Yea you might look like a crazy person talking to yourself, but you have to give yourself mental pep talks.
  3. I can guarantee without question you will want to quit at some point. Likely when you are closest to the top (and don’t know it) and it gets the hardest to climb because you are exhausted. What was required to get halfway up the mountain is not what is needed for the other half.
  4. You will need some sort of a guide like a map. There are some people who’ve climbed very similar mountains before….successfully. Consider seeking them out and learn what they did to win. Granted their story will not be your story exactly, but it might be helpful or inspiring.
  5. You may have to go seek out reinforcement to help you get up the mountain…a friend, sister, somebody! The more physical energy is needed the more you will need someone else to help support you. And if you don’t have anyone, I’ll cheer for you.
  6. You may be alone on your climb most of the time and that’s OK. You are strong enough to conquer the mountain by yourself. Everything you need is already in you to win.
  7. Once you start don’t give up. Consider what you’ve already invested to this point. Don’t let those tears and sweat be for nothing.
  8. At this moment you could be seconds, minutes, hours, days, or months from beating you problem. Think of this when you want to quit, “I could be seconds away…” Though an end may not be in sight, this is when you bare down, grit your teeth and give it all you have.

When you are tired of circling the same mountain, dealing with the same problem year after year, conquer it once and for all.